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3 Axles & 4 Pillars


3 Axles and 4 Pillars are principles from the early New Testament Church


The 3 Axles are House Church: House Church meeting, Life Series Bible Study and Sunday corporate worship which work together and becomes the Hardware for House Church. Human beings have three capacities – intellect, emotions and will. To help people become Christians or disciples of Jesus, all three of these area must be met. The House Church aims to meet all 3 of these areas so that people can experience transformation as a whole being.

A non-believer is invited to House Church (Mokjang) and experience God’s love. They open their heart and through sharing time their emotion is touched. Life Series Bible Study helps the person to see the misunderstanding they had about God and he/she become receptive to the gospel –this touches on the intellect. And through Sunday Corporate Worship, they experience God’s presence. The message helps them to change their value system and he/she makes a commitment to change their priorities in God – touching of the will.  You need to nurture all three of these areas (emotion,intellect & will) so that your Christian walk will be more balanced.


The 4 pillars of House Church are the software.


  •  The first pillar is the purpose of church is to reach non-believers and make them disciples of Jesus (Matt. 28:19-20).


  •  The second pillar is the church should make disciples by modeling life as Jesus not solely through classroom teaching. (Mark 3:14-15).


  • The third pillar is church ministry must be divided among pastors and lay people according to Scripture; pastors must focus on prayer, teaching, exercising leadership, and preparing church members so that they can minister and build the church (Eph. 4:11-12).


  • The fourth pillar  is church leaders must be servant leaders who help others to become successful in their ministries (Mark 10:44).

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