1/12/2020 Let’s not make God wait on us

When we have an interview for a job or meeting someone important, we make sure we don’t arrive late. If the meeting time is early in the morning, we may even set up 2 alarms to make sure we do not oversleep. When I preach for early morning service, I set up 2 alarms. It’s a meeting with God but also, I do not want the members to wait for me.

This happen to me while I was ministering in Korea. I was to preach the early morning service. I woke up and it was 5AM, the time the service starts. The church was 10 min walking distance, so I put my cloth on grab my bible and ran. Another pastor was leading a hymn when I arrived. As I was giving the message, because I was short of breath, I had to take deep breath several times in the middle of my message. After that, I always try to set up two alarms when I preach for early morning service.

When I meet with people, I try to arrive 5 minutes early and if I’m unfamiliar with the location, I plan on arriving 10 minutes early. Last Friday, Justin graduated from the basic officer training. We left right after the early morning prayer and ended up arriving 1 hour early. We ended up helping him pack and had extra time left over to talk and enjoy the morning.

Sunday corporate worship time is a time set aside for God. We try not to be late when we meet important person. How much more should we not let God wait for us? It’s always good to aim to arrive 15 minutes early. When you arrive, look through the bulletin and pray for each lines (ex. God’s presence, praise team, person who’s praying, pastor who is preaching, offering time, benediction, etc…)

When you start the service with prayer, you can focus on the service so much better.

Let’s all come 15 minutes early in 2020!

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