10/14/2019 “Having expectation for the Revival”

We had a fun time at the yard sale yesterday. Everyone was laughing so much as if we were back to being a teenager. What church has this much fun when pastors and members come together? GCC is a special community. Pastors love the members and the members love the pastors. This is supposed to be normal, but many churches have rivalry between the two relationship which creates conflicts. When I go out and meet others, I brag about GCC members. I hope you also brag to others about your pastors. This is a quality of a great church.

We have a revival starting this Friday. I think it would be great to invite your VIPs to come as well. The speaker is not a pastor but a lay leader (shepherd and his wife). They are coming from Asan disciple church in Korea and was recommended by Pastor Shim who was our speaker during the fall revival last year.

We have 5 day until the revival. I want to challenge everyone to prepare in prayer. If you have signed up for fasting, please remember to fast and pray this week. And even if you have not, prepare in prayer. There is a difference in those who come prepare in prayer and those who attend without prayer. When you prepare in prayer, you can understand God’s voice more clearly and will be blessed by the message. Come with expectation, prepare in prayer and we will meet on Friday.

Lay leaders so you can invite the VIPs to come as well. Continue to reach out to the VIPs that came to the event -invite them to the House church and the Rally so they will be able to come and grow with us.

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