10/27/19 After the revival, the work ahead

Shepherd Sungkoo Jung and Eunjoo Kim left a loud message for GCC. But the message left without action will soon be forgotten. Now is the time to respond with action. We have to be intentional and make a commitment. As a senior pastor, I want to start by serving our shepherds & wife of shepherds to they can be successful in their ministry. One is by making time to have to one on one meetings with the shepherds. If I ask to meet on a date, please do not reject me.

I want to ask each of you to make at lease one commitment. How about making an “Angel’s notebook” with the list of VIPs that Shepherd Jung talked about on the last message. As you pray for each name and cross out the name as they become a believer would be exciting. Also setting a time aside to pray for your VIP would be another you can do. If God gives you the thought to meet someone, respond immediately. When we respond to God’s prompting, you can experience wonderful surprises in your life.

We can see fall in full swing as the leaves turn colors. Fall represents a time of harvest. As we have reached out in various ways and served our VIPs throughout the year, invite them to your house church. And to those who are consistently coming to the house church meeting, invite them to the church. And I will share in the “Jesus receiving meting” so they can invite Jesus into their life.

Let’s all work together to “reach the souls and make disciples”

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