10/5/2019 Let’s turn our focus on the “Testimony rally”

After our VIP event, someone came up to me and said “Pastor, I can’t see you having an envy for any big churches.” I responded with my shoulders held high, “Yes, I am very happy.” I was so proud to be a member of GCC. Last week’s message was to a 90% disciple and 10% fan. But everyone got actively involved to make it a successful event. I want to thank everyone for their support, especially to Shepherd Sam Kang for writing the script and producing the entire event. God’s blessings.

After many weeks of preparing, we may feel empty as the VIP event is behind us. So now we need to be filled with God’s words. We have 10 days left for the “Testimony Rally”. It will be Oct 18th(Friday evening) to Oct 20 (Sunday worship). We will have Shepherd & shepherd’s wife SungKoo Jung and EunJoo Kim (Asan disciple Church, Korea) will be the speakers. The speakers are from the same Church with Pastor Shim who came last year to speak to us. I hope each and everyone will have expecting heart for God to speak to you. I want you to join me in prayer so that your heart will be open to what God has to say. The speakers are Lay leaders so you can invite the VIPs to come as well. Continue to reach out to the VIPs that came to the event -invite them to the House church and the Rally so they will be able to come and grow with us.

Because of the VIP event, we will have 10 days of prayer/fasting chain until the Rally. I want to encourage everyone to take 1 meal to fast and pray for the Rally.

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