11/10/19 You are my joy & crown of glory

As we grow in faith there should be at least 1 person that you can say “you are my joy & crown of glory”. Do you have such person in your life? I am thankful that I can say in confidence that “you are my joy & crown of glory” to anyone who ask. They are a disciple of Jesus, they are those who have labored with me to serve GCC, they are the shepherds of GCC.

I have one request to them -to finish this race with me and continue to be my joy & crown of glory. I ask that you follow and submit to my leadership. It would be sad if at a critical time, the person who desert the cost.

I have met many pastors who have said, “I have been betrayed by the closest person within the church. So, you need to always be careful.” Yes, I know many pastors who have been betrayed. When they ordinate someone as an elder, whom they considered as their disciple, and they hurt and leave the church. It’s hard to predict such things would not occur in our church, but only to pray that it would not.

It’s a blessing if you can become a person someone can be proud of - a child to his/her parents, employee to their boss, member to their shepherd and shepherd to their pastor. You need to be that person till the end. It’s to give thanks to God who have brought you to where you are today.

(parts from Disciple church’s pastor column Pastor Shim)

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