11/17/19 Great day to invite our VIPs!

Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday. Even those that do not go to church regularly are willing to come on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Sunday and Christmas Sunday. So, thanksgiving Sunday is a great day to invite our VIPs.

As I was thinking about what to give to our VIPs, I thought it would be great to give them our thanksgiving for the 2019. So, when Shepherd Austin Chong asks you today what you are thankful for in 2019, please answer with cheerful heart. He will edit the clip and show on next Sunday.

As a believer, we need to show something to the world. One of the things we can show is our joy & thanksgiving. The non-believers are looking at what we say and how we act. They are looking to see if we are different than them. What is the difference between the believers and the non-believers? I believe it is the joy and thanksgiving we have in the Lord. If you don’t know Jesus, you cannot know the joy and thanksgiving that He bring in your life. Because you have no way to experienced it. But we know, because we have experience it.

So, when we can show the joy and thanksgiving in the Lord, people take notice. They want to pursue after such life. Let’s share about the joy and thanksgiving that Jesus brings in your life in the coming week.

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