11/24/19 Thanksgiving

Thank you, Lord, for the many answer prayers in our church.

We prayed for job and it was answered. We prayed for finances and it was dropped on us. We prayed for healing and was healed. We pray for love to those who are challenging, and you gave us a heart of love… and so many more answers that I can’t began to count. Usually after we pray there are waiting times, but it has been where the answers come quickly in days and in minutes.

Ah ~ it’s thanksgiving.

I am filled with thanksgiving for many things that I can’t stop to giving thanks.

I am thankful for the many answer prayers but I am more thankful for your promise to be always with us.

What would of happen - the many times when we were walking in the valley if you weren’t with us?

Those times when we lost strength and fell, if you weren’t with us?

Those times when we couldn’t stop the tears, if you weren’t there?

We are rough, broken and sinful – but you never left us and kept us near You.

Thank you Lord, we give our sincere thanksgiving as we spend this day of Thanksgiving. (Shepherd Sam Kang)

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