11/3/19 Importance of building a good relationship with SALC

GCC met at a school before finding St Andrew’s Lutheran Church (SALC). There was a lot of limitations in using the school, so we started looking for a church building - but were rejected by many churches. Pastor Han and I visited this church and the pastor at that time welcomed us. He said we came at the right time and will have a board meeting on this matter. He told us it would take about 3 weeks to reach a decision. After 3 weeks, we visited the church and he smiled and said it was decided that we can use the building. The pastor was an interim pastor, so he left after 6 months. He is remembered as a kind and thankful person in my mind.

Then SALC invited a new younger pastor. He is busy trying to bring fresh new revival to the church. Pastor Han and I try to reach out and have lunches from time to time. It is very important to continue building a good relationship with SALC. If our relationship is twisted for any reason, then it would be hard for us to find another church building to worship. So, I want to encourage everyone to get involved when St Andrew’s church asks for help. So last Saturday morning, the church was having a fall clean up day. Shepherd Kim and I helped by cutting the trees and raking the leaves. (I used some muscles that was not used and for the next week, my hands were shaking ^^).

SALC looks like it’s in good condition, but it’s an old building so whenever it rains it leaks. The church set out a $400,000 project to renovate the entire church building. We use the church building as well, so it only makes sense for us to contribute some to the fund. So, I told the SALC pastor that we would also like to contribute to the fund. He was delighted with our response. Before the end of the year, we will have a special offering for the building project. This is voluntary and people who want to participate can contribute. Thank you.

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