2/2/2020 When we obey, God works

Last week, we had the opportunity to hear from Pastor Jong-Rak Lee on “how should we live?” There is one reason why Pastor Lee’s message was so powerful. It’s because he lives out what he preaches. He already had a son whom he could not do much for, but to take in 5 more children with disabilities at once was probably not an easy decision. But he obeyed, knowing this is from God and God began to work.

I feel like, I’m walking on air the past few days. I am trying to obey God’s voice immediately as He asks me. First, I felt God was asking me to help Pastor Lee set up a Baby Box branch here in the US. I’m not sure where and how to start, but I decided to obey. I shared with Pastor Lee what God has put on my heart. Pastor Lee shared immediately, that he wanted to ask me, but did not want to burden me. He was so surprise when I shared and was filled with joy. He said he feels like he has gained “1000 soldiers & 10,000 horses” returning back to Korea. I have never done any work like this. So I need your prayer and support. So if I ask you for help, please help by prayerfully obeying. When we obey, God works.

Secondly, God asked me to organize a Young Adult Revival meeting in this area. I ask God, “who should I ask to speak?” God showed me Pastor Hyun-Soo Lim, who was in NK prison for 2 years. I don’t know Pastor Lim personality or have any links. So in obedience, I asked to friend Pastor Lim of Facebook. He accepted and I messaged him, asking if he would be willing to speak to young people in this area for a revival meeting. He said after August, he could come if it’s for the younger generation. This all happened in 1 day. When we obey, God works. Pastor Ahn

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