2/9/2020 Ramen Day!

A sister at church offered to buy lunch. As we were having lunch, we talked about the opportunity to serve the “House church Seminar”. She lives in a small house but opened her home for 2 people to stay. I asked her, “wasn’t it hard?” She answered, “It was hard but so rewarding.” She explained House church to the seminar attendee, “House church is about food!”. She just started attending church not too long ago.

In the beginning, after attending weekly House Church meeting, she decided not to go back again. But she kept thinking about the food she ate at the House Church. So, she kept going back to the House church for the food - week after week. And now, she has become a person who serves the House Church and the church. She has testified that she is not a person easily to change, but because of her House church she has changed so much.

Yes, House church is about food. House church is a family and so you have to eat together. Because a family eats together. Church is not a place where you act like a family but that you are a family. We are an eternal family.

A family eats comfortably whatever is put on the table. “Honey, we don’t have any rice. Let’s just eat Ramen noodles.” This is family. I hope all of our House church is like this. Whatever is put on the table, you can eat it with ease and comfort. When the shepherds do not have time to cook, you could say, “Let’s eat ramen today.” And the members are okay to say, “Let’s eat ramen today”. Because we are a family.

We can have a Ramen day. Everyone can easily make ramen. One of the Member can bring the ramen and cook it. Ramen day! It sounds pretty good. (from Pastor Chang Hwan Park’s column)

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