2020.1.26 Who will care for these babies?

Babies who are separated from their moms soon after the birth…

Who will care for these babies?

Before we talk about whose fault it is, we need to think about how to protect the babies life.

There is someone who thought about this first.

It’s Pastor Jong-Rak Lee.

I first met him in 1997 in Korea.

I was an associate Pastor and he was a deacon. I remember him as someone without much words but was at the lobby always serving.

That was the last I saw of him.

After 20 years, I met him again running the Babybox and had the opportunity to visit “God’s love community” in Korea.

How he held the babies one by one and rub his cheek on theirs, I saw Jesus through him.

Yes, Jesus loves us in such ways.

A Week ago, I was contacted that he is visiting the DC area.

I frantically organized a revival meeting so we can hear him speak. Pastor Lee will again speak to us today and with expectation we wait.

Who will care for these babies?

Let’s listen to what God has for us to hear today.

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