7/14/19 “Attractive Christian”

Someone who is attractive cannot be just from outside appearance. The person needs to be genuine inside. Well known entertainers or famous person can seem attractive, but as you get to know that person in detail, you discover yourself being disappointed. If we say person who is genuine can be truly called “attractive” then we can come to a conclusion that Christians are the ones who can truly be attractive.

(1) Christians rely not on their own strength but the strength of God, so they are able to be confident in all situations. In times of crisis, you are not taken back. In times of unexpected situation, you are not surprised and able to calmly confront the situation.

(2) Christians are truly humble. You understand how evil, weak and incapable you are, so you cannot boast or become arrogant. When something great happens in your life, you can only say “It’s all God”.

(3) Christians can laugh in all situation. When things are going well, you can thank God and laugh for His blessings. When things are not going well, you can laugh thinking about the blessing that God will bring at the end of the trials.

(4) Christians pour out their passion in the things that have eternal value. When we hear the testimonies from the shepherds/shepherd’s wife, we see how attractive they are as they commit to a life of ‘saving souls and making disciples”

(5) When a Christians ask a question, it is from a pure motive. When the other person is a VIP or beloved child of God, you ask questions to truly get to know them better.

If Christians are the person that can truly be called attractive, then why is there not many Christians who are attractive? It is because they do not have the right faith value or are not living in the presence of God. (from House Church Ministries, Pastor’s Corner)

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