7/28/19 How can we have House Church where conversion (receiving Jesus) occurs?

When we try to reach out to non-Christians, some try to convince them with logic. But these days, we cannot convince people to become Christians. The reason we have people receiving Jesus is because of the serving by the House church members and the answered prayers.

Many people think we must have much to serve others, but that is not the case. If we serve with what we have then people are not impressed, but when we served with what we don’t have that’s what moves people. If you are financially not well of and you serve financially, people are touched. When you don’t have time, but you make time your busy schedule, people are touched. So, if you are saying you don’t have much to give, then it’s not a downside but in fact it is the power to impact people.

If you want to show how God answers prayers, you need to check for answered prayers week by week. Therefore, the prayers need to be specific and measurable. When God answers prayers, many non-believers consider it mere coincidence. But when the answer prayers keep coming, then they ask, “Is this from God? Does God really exist?”. When such questions come, encourage them to take living life bible study or go to the “Jesus Receiving meeting”. (ask one of the pastors).

Shepherds pray for many VIPs regularly. But if you are praying alone when that VIP comes to the House Church meeting, members may be indifferent and this many hurt VIP’s feeling. And when that person receives Jesus, the shepherd may only experience the joy (not the members). So if you want conversion experience (people coming to Jesus) in your House Church, you need to make VIP list and everyone in your House Church needs to pray and serve together of God.

(from House Church Ministries, Pastor’s Corner)

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