8/11/2019 VIP Invitation Event

VIP invitation event is set for September 29th(Sunday). Grace Community Church is set on reaching the non-believers so that they can become disciples of Jesus. We would like to invite the VIPs, introduce them to Jesus Christ and serve them as if to the Lord. VIP event is one of the most important events that we as a church is planning. Last year we had one in March to celebrate our Church anniversary and in September as a “Fall Music festival”. But this year we will only have one event. The VIP event will include music, skits, poetry reading. Some may think, “how can we have worldly music and dance in the church?”. We hope that our church members will understand. Our church’s greatest purpose and value is to reach the one lost soul that the Father’s heart is set on. The main focus of the VIP event is not us, but the VIPs and we are making the program with them in mind. For those who do not know Christ or has a negative opinion about the church, this gives us an opportunity to approach them with something they are familiar with. We have less them 2 months left and it is important for each of us to make a list of the VIPs that we would like to invite. If there are any who do not know Jesus or who had left the church are those that we want to serve. If we prepare but the “mainperson” does not show up then our efforts and work can seem nothing. We have about 7 weeks left so we need to strategize and put our efforts in the time ahead. Make your VIP list and began to pray for God’s guidance. Jesus will remember our work and our tears as we serve the one soul and will guide us each step of the way.

Pastor Han

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