8/18/19 “House Church” is a CHURCH & Shepherd is the lay pastor for the House Church

Today is a joyous day as Austin Chong will be appointed as a Shepherd. I would like to take this opportunity to share about the responsibility of a shepherd in a House church.

New Testament Church was a church that was comprised of House churches led by lay person who had his/her job, met in their homes and ministered as a lay pastor. Our church is seeking to restore the New Testament church. A shepherd is called to be the lay pastor of the House Church and is responsible for the spiritual growth of the members and the overall operation of the House Church. The shepherd has the authority over the House church and so counseling and visitation is the responsibility of the shepherd. Most of all, the shepherd is the person that knows the members situation well and will be praying for the member earnestly.

I encourage each members to consult with your shepherds first. If there is a prayer request or things that you would like the pastors of GCC to know, please go through the shepherd. Because it is the shepherd’s judgement to relay to the pastors.

These rules will be followed on going. So even if the GCC pastor does not personally ask how you are doing, console you, or congratulate you – please do not misunderstand but consider it natural in our church. This is because the shepherds of each House Church are fulfilling their roles. The center of Grace community church is the House Church (Mokjang) and each House church’s lay pastor is the shepherd. When the roles are clear to everyone then we can continue the work to bring people to Christ and make disciples.

Congratulations to Austin Chong, as he is appointed as a shepherd today. God’s abundant blessings.

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