8/25/19 How can we prepare for the VIP Event?

The most important part of the VIP Event is to have our VIPs show up. No matter how much in effort and preparation, if no one show up then our efforts are fruitless. So, we need to invite our VIPs. But if you try to invite them the day of the event, then it can be very difficult. We must strategically prepare by starting now. First, it’s important to make a VIP list. I want to explain how we go about deciding who to invite.

The first people group should be from your family who are non-believers. Next it’s friends and relatives. If your friends and relatives are not able to come, then you should ask if they know one person they can introduce to you that are non-believers. Next is your co-workers. If they cannot come, then you ask if they can introduce anyone to you. Next is your school alumnus. Next is someone you have acquaintance with or someone you have met occasionally. If you have no one from the above, then you pick someone and plan on getting to know that person. It could be a restaurant server, cashier at a store, maintenance person that comes to fix your home. You can say, “Our church is having an event, and I want to invite you. You will reminisce on the olden days. We will also have dinner afterwards. If the other person does not reject with a strong “NO” then you are successful. Once a week, you make a visit and invite them again. The day before the event, you want to confirm that they can come and even offer to pick them up on the day of the VIP event.

The important part in all this is prayer. Pray individually, pray during House church meeting, come up during commitment time and pray for the VIPs and give the names to the senior pastor so he can pray for them each morning during early morning prayer time. Our prayers can be offered up so that God can bear fruit.

Let’s prepare for the VIP event strategically!

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