8/4/19 Shepherd is the House Church member’s Pastor

Grace Community Church is made up of multiple House Churches and I am the Pastor for the corporate gathering of Grace Community Church and it’s shepherds. Therefore, I will refrain from doing personal counseling nor make house, business, hospital visitations without explicit request from the shepherds. Of course, I am able to meet up and counsel and make visitations and pray for those who are sick. But this can hinder the ministry of the shepherds and goes against spirit of the House Church model.

This is also true between House Churches. House Church is considered an independent church. So if a shepherd wants to meet with members from another House churches for personal meeting or counseling, you need to inform the shepherd of that person’s House church and get prior permission. This is also true for the members. If you want to meet shepherds from another House Church, you need to ask your shepherd for permission and the shepherd that you are meeting must confirm this. House Church is a “church” and there are rules between churches that must be kept for the sake of order. But there are exceptions while participating in Life Series bible study and doing church ministry together. However, in both instances, you must not go beyond the boundaries. Your House Church is where you should be primarily doing your sharing and giving your prayer request. The pastor for each House Church is the shepherds.

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