9/15/2019 From Pastor’s Conference

I had an opportunity to attend Houston Seoul church Pastor’s conference from Monday to Thursday past week. 111 Pastors and Missionaries from around the world came together to see how we can fulfill God’s desire to raise up healthy churches. I was also a part of a small group which discuss what the future of the Korean-American churches. I had an opportunity to share about how we do worship in Grace community church. I share that we have 2 weeks in a month we have corporate worship (Korean-English service) and 2 weeks we have separate service. Many were surprise by this format. Few weeks ago, a pastor from PCA visited our church and was surprised that English and Korean congregation can worship together. He said that he visited many churches in the last few months and did not find any churches that worship in this way. He wanted to know how the Korean and English speaking congregation can get along so well. So few weeks ago, the pastors that served the English speaking congregation invited Pastor Lisa to share about Grace community church over dinner.

There’s not a lot of churches that have English and Korean speaking congregation worship together. I know it may be difficult so some Korean speaking members as well as the English speaking members. But if we endure and keep at it, I think there will be fruits from it. There are some non-Koreans who want to learn Korean due to K-pop trend. So it may be even possible to bring non-Koreans to our church.

The most important reason we have combine service is to have the same spirit (same mindset). Our church is aimed at renewing the New testament church and together (English & Korean speaking congregation) we want to reach the people to save souls and make disciples. Even though it may not be easy, let’s keep going and build a church that can be a model church for Korean=American churches.

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