9/22/2019 VIP Invitation event 1 week count down

As the VIP invitation event is 1 week away, what do we need to do?

We need to focus on our VIPs.

First, start praying for your VIPs every day calling out their name. Prayer is a powerful way to open the heart of our VIPs. Send the invitation to your VIPs via text or Kakao and call them to see if they have received the invitation. You can invite them with a joke, that even if the president invites you, hope you can decline and come to our VIP event. Come next Saturday, call your VIPs and remind them of the event on Sunday.

Invite your family members and friends that are not attending church and does not know Jesus. One person is important. Because that is the person that Jesus is seeking out.

If that person comes to the Lord through the VIP event that you have done something great for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus would be so excited.

Let’s all do our best to go to God in prayer and reach out to our VIPs in the coming week.

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