9/29/19 Let’s show our Happiness!

The VIP event is here! The theme of VIP event this year is “Happiness”. What is happiness to you? If you were asked the question during the interview, it probably was not easy to answer. How can we explain happiness in one word? It was hard for me to answer as well.

Even we if try to explain, “This is Happiness”. Many will not be able to understand. But when we showhappiness, people can understand much better. I know this couple who served the single House church (Mokjang). The House church became so big that at one point they had 70 people that gathered. I asked, “How did you get so many young people to come to the House Church?”. They said, “we didn’t do anything. We just showed them what it’s like to have a happy Family.” The young people began to have dreams of such family and followed. When we show our happiness, amazing things can happen.

We have put lots of time in practicing the poems, songs and play. If we just show what we’ve practice, then it’s hard to expect great things to happen. But if we show how happy we are in the Lord, then it’s okay if we make mistakes when we sing, do our plays or even presiding the program. If we can see that people who know Jesus are different then that’s all we want to do. If 1 person wants to know about Jesus because of tonight then that’s all we ask.

GCC members, lets laugh, have a good time and enjoy the happiness within.

Thank you for all that you’ve done.

Blessing to all

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