9/8/2019 Balancing the 3 beats of House church

Personally and as a church- when House Church meeting, Life series bible study, corporate Sunday worship falls into place, we can experience the transformation that took place in the New Testament church. Human beings have three capacities – intellect, emotions and will. To help people become Christians or disciples of Jesus, all three of these areas must be met.to experience transformation as a whole being. When we share our life and experience God’s love in the House Church meeting, our emotions is touched. But this is not enough. Our intellect must be challenged and fed with the truth. This occurs during the life series Bible Study. So when our emotional and our intellectual needs are met then we come to Sunday Corporate Worship and make a commitment to change our priorities and life to God – touching on the will. House Church is when all 3 of the needs are met which help to transform lives.

For example, as you attend the House Church meeting (Mokjang) and you have questions that arise. These questions can be answered during the Life Serios Bible study. When you don’t have any faith, when you start to grow in your faith, when you become mature in your faith – whatever stage you may be in, Life series bible study helps you to think about how to live out your faith. So all the life series bible study, answers the questions that you have and helps in your faith journey. The knowledge and truth that you have learned from the Bible study, you can take back with you to your House Church (Mokjang) and practice them. You learn to love, serve and be trained up according to your faith. As you live a vibrant Christian life during the week, we come together on Sunday for corporate worship -to meet God and experience His presence. We can think back on our week and go back to the world renewed and recharged. When we have balanced in the 3 beats of House, we will continue to be transformed. Let’s all sign up for the Life Series bible Study. (parts from House Church ministers)

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