6/23/2019 Testimony during Sunday Corporate Worship

A pastor who planted a church and had built up to a big church gave the reason for such growth to testimonies. But as the church grew and increase in members, multiple service times led to taking testimony out of the Sunday corporate worship. The result was less excitement and life during Sunday worship.

There are some who feel stressed about giving testimony. One may feel Sunday worship should be focused on God and not on one person’s experience. But testimony is one way we can glorify God. David in the book of Psalms says that he will give thanks and let the assembly know what God has done. (Psalms 22:25, 35:18, 40:10) As David praise God before the Assembly, we should also praise God when He blesses us. That is why it’s good to have at least one testimony every week during Corporate Sunday worship. Testimony not only gives glory to God, but also allows those present to also be blessed and actively be part of the worship service.

I hope Grace Community Church can glorify God through our testimonies every week during Corporate worship. (from House Church Ministries)

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