Pastor’s Corner 9/1/2019 “2 things”

Today is the 1stweek of September. We suggest making a decision on 2 things as we began this month.

First on Sept 29this the <VIP invitation cultural event> and we need to make a list of the VIPs that we want to invite. It’s important to make a list and share with our church so we can pray together. Everyone needs to turn in their VIP list and we will pray for them during early morning prayer time. If you don’t know the name, then just put down how and where you know that person. Look around and write down at least 1 person and hand in during fellowship time today.

Second is the Life series bible study that will began in September. We will open Living life and New life this session. Everyone that is a member of GCC will need to register for either one of the class. Even if you have already taken the class, you will benefit from taking it again. It will help internalize the material and live it out when you take it again. We encourage the shepherds to take the class so that other members of your HC will be encouraged to take the class. Let’s say to one another, “What are you doing this fall? Let’s take Life bible study together.”

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